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Product Type: Gel

Keeps the joint mobile, A small quantity to be applied on the affected area, followed by a gentle massage. Repeat 3 times a day, or as required

Offers potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects
Improves blood circulation around the joints
Decreases joint tenderness and joint swelling
Prevents early morning joint stiffness

Key Ingredients:
Tila taila
Mentha arvensis
Pinus roxburghii

Good to Know:
Vegetarian: Yes
Pregnant: Yes
Best Combine With: HIMALAYA Rumalaya Forte

Special Instruction/Precautions: Rumalaya cream should not be used by patients whom are sensitive to any of its ingredients
Rumalaya cream should not be applied to open injury wounds, or wounds
Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes, such as nose or mouth
Children should use under adult supervision
It is meant exclusively for external application

For Physician prescribtion only

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